Complete Intro to Classical Watercolor Techniques and Materials

w/ Marshall Vandruff

Expand your arsenal of sketching methods by learning classical watercolor wash techniques used in classic illustrations and animation backgrounds.

Date: Tuesday, 1/14/20

Time: 7-10.30pm

Location: Cura Studios

Instructor: Marshall Vandruff

In this compact, lecture-style Crash Course you’ll get:

  • A thorough introduction to watercolors, papers and brush types, their promises and limitations ​

  • A detailed breakdown of the technical steps going into a watercolor wash sketch

  • Explanations and examples of different techniques

  • A recommended list of exercises you can practice at home to master the medium

  • Inspiration from centuries of masterful watercolorists

  • Access to a master instructor who has taught dozens of highly successful artists

Start enjoying quick, colorful sketching techniques that’ll add new luster to your sketchbook.


Crash Course Fee: $75

Seats are limited so be sure to save your spot soon.

Add Carolin’s Visual Storytelling & Composition class to deepen your understanding of how to use watercolors for your color compositions and more. Get a special bundle price for the two courses and save $20.



What do I need to bring?

 Something to take notes with. This is a lecture and demo based course, introducing all the relevant information on how to succeed with this medium. It's designed to be time efficient and affordable. If you want more and are ready to practice the demonstrated techniques under the guidance of a mentor, while studying Visual Storytelling & Composition, you can always add the following class taught by Carolin Peters.

Can I get feedback on my personal work?

Yes, Marshall will take some time to give you feedback on any of your previous watercolor sketches.

I'm so bummed, I'm busy that night! Will Marshall offer this class again?

This is the first time Marshall is offering this unique class format. Whether we do it again depends on the success of this session. The good news is that we have several future classes in the works with him. Don't want to miss any? Get yourself on the priority email list here.

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“If you care to be wiser, more knowledgeable and a more competent artist, go see Marshall Vandruff.”

Drew Struzan


“Marshall’s teaching is a bright and delineating light.”

Bernie Wrightson