Visual Storytelling
Learn to compose images that say what you want them to say.

Tuesdays, 7-10pm; January 21- February 11, 2020

Location: Cura Studios in Orange

Instructor: Carolin Peters


Why are some pictures worth a thousand words and others are just… well, pictures? 


In this 4 week class you'll learn how to take your initial image ideas and craft them until they communicate your point of view clearly and with maximum impact. 

We'll study the cornerstones of image-making and visual storytelling, and how to use them to tell the stories you have in mind. This class will equip you to shift from settling for your first idea, to composing meaningful viewing experiences. 


Week 1: Shapes 

Learn how to create characters and settings that feel warm and fuzzy or cold and creepy

Week 2: Lines

Create a path for the viewer's eye and pace them to see what you want them to see, WHEN you want them to see it.

Week 3: Color 

Turn the four aspects of color into emotional signifiers.

Week 4: Space

Choose flat or deep space depending on the viewing experience you hope to elicit in the viewer.

You'll also learn 

  1. about what frame to choose for your images and where to place your main elements within it

  2. classic compositional structures and their emotional connotations 

  3. how to assign an intentional hierarchy to all your picture elements through understanding visual weight

  4. how to make your image feel cohesive through rhythm and repletion

  5. and more...

The class includes 

  • slideshow lectures

  • teacher-demonstration

  • master image deconstruction

  • one-on-one instruction

  • plenty of time to practice​


Class size is limited to 10 students max. Sign up now to guarantee your spot.

Materials: Click here for a list of recommended materials.

Price: $180

Attendees must be 16 years+.


Do I need to know how to draw already to take this class?

I do recommend that you have some drawing proficiency so you can focus on composing, instead of on any drawing related struggles.

What's the focus of the class?

We'll focus on the fundamental design principles needed to make great images. Class time will be split between lectures, master studies, and composition exercises. I'll assign optional HW assignments for the go-getters ready to get the most out of this class.

I can't attend all 4 session, can I have a refund for the day I'm missing?

Be sure to take a look at our refund and cancellation policy. For days that you can't attend you'll receive an email with the class hand-outs and notes.

I don't know where to buy the supplies.

You can download the shopping guide here and email me with any additional questions at

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