Turning Art Pro

Transform from aspiring artist to art-pro in 6 days 

w/ Marshall Vandruff and Cura Studios

It’s your dream to have a career in the arts and you’ve been working hard at attaining all the necessary skills. But how is it that some artists build long-lasting, fulfilling and lucrative careers, and others eventually falter after a few months, or maybe even years, of trying?


Is it purely skill that separates one from the other, or is there something else playing a deciding role?


Not knowing the answer results in many unnecessary, yet truly unnerving anxieties:

  • What’s it really like ‘out there

  • How will I get hired, find project leads, keep my affairs in order? 

  • Should I pursue life as a freelancer or aim for an in-house job? 

  • Why do I have a million ideas but never seem to be able to finish one to a high level. Does that still make me an artist? 

  • Do all entertainment industry pros really burn out after a while? 

  • I thought I was a good artist but ideas don’t seem to come as easily to me as others. Should I really keep going with this art career thing?”


There really is no end to the list, is there? We know, because we’ve lived through the same doubts and worries. But we believe in your potential and know that you can make a successful go of it, if you are prepared with the right kind of information.


Knowing what to expect is truly half the battle, so we decided to put together a 6 day intensive program that will put the proverbial war paint on your face, getting you prepared and protected for what is to come once you do step ‘out there’.







You’ll get prepared with:


  • 3 lecture seminars by Marshall Vandruff including

    • Artistic Temperament; Matching your personality to the right artistic niche

    • The Creative Process; How to be both sides of the artist coin

    • How To Get Hired; Learn from dozens of examples and experiences

  • 2 Theory To Action Sessions led by Carolin Peters 

  • Breakfast mixer; Meet some real life art pros and ask them questions about their careers

  • Opportunities to go sketch, decompress and let your mind absorb all the information

  • A community of driven peers who may become friends and colleagues for life




Date: 1/6/-1/11/2020

Location: Cura Studios

Main Instructor: Marshall Vandruff

Additional Instructor: Carolin Peters (owner of Cura Studios)


What happens if I have to cancel for any reason?

You can review our cancellation and refund policy here.

Couldn’t I just find this information for free online?

Sure, you can find all kinds of things online these days, and some of it may even be true and useful. But the reason why we created this 1 week program is because there is an unrivaled power in beginning your year with an intensive and comprehensive deep dive. Instead of gathering partially relevant bits and pieces of information from the multitude of sources that may or may not have the same goals or values as you, you’ll get invaluable insights and advice in a consolidated format from a true expert in the field. Not only will you be able to come back to these insights over and over again, you’ll also gain a community of peers to tap for support.

Who is this Marshall Vandruff guy?

Marshall  is one of California’s most influential teachers of professional artists. You’ve probably heard him on the Draftsmen Podcast with Proko. Want to know more about him. Here is his full bio.

What people say about Marshall’s seminars

“The crazy thing with Marshall is that in a weekend you feel more prepared and inspired for life as a creative professional than you do after years in the 'academy.'”

Eric Reimer



“...astonishingly on target with reference to what creative people need to know to succeed.”

—Elizabeth Knox, Artist


“I've done The Artist's Way and any number of seminars and classes on the creative process and found most of them to be illuminating, but not much help to my career as an artist. Marshall's seminar snatched all those abstract concepts out of the air and put them into my artist's toolbox.”

Neal Romanek


This retreat-style course is limited to only 16 artists ensuring you the right amount of time time to connect and transform.

The first 10 artists to sign up early get the whole program for the special rate of


After that the price will go up to $420.

Don’t have that much in your bank account right now but want to make sure you get a spot?

Pay in 3-installments of $125.