3 Lessons From Yoga Every Artist Should Steal

Just now I struck absolute word-nerd gold. Have I mentioned I'm a word-nerd yet? Well, let me confess, I am. Finding out where expressions and words come from is one of the cheap, yet deeply gratifying thrills of my life.

So back to the promised gold.

I was brainstorming for traits I admire most in people, which I did as a writing prompt to connect to this week's video. At the top of my list was "Curious people, because they're constantly learning and interested in all kinds of things".

My inner word-nerd sat up a little straighter, sensing the potential for etymological treasure: "Hmm, I wonder what the root for curious is?"  And wouldn't you know it, if you trace it all the way back to togas and laurel leaves the word "curious" derives from the latin "cura".

OMG, it's family with OUR Cura, it's all connected, this is the best!!! (Told ya, cheap thrills over here)

So why is this so exciting? Because the latin "cura" means that things get better when you look at them with care and attention. Lat. cura = care/healing 

And people who are curious regenerate themselves and their surroundings by living out their hunger to learn and grow. And that, dear art friend, is you. So there it is, your word proof that you're awesome.

Oh, and about this week' video?

It's about how to stay curious and connected to your creative growth, especially when you feel stuck or uninspired. I'm sharing 3 Art Lessons From Yoga and why artists should steal them. There won't be any breathing exercises or pretzel poses, just rock solid insights that'll help you to enjoy drawing and painting more.

If you want to go deep and work out the lessons for yourself, here's a free worksheet you can use.