Why We Stop Practicing The Things We Love

In 2002 I got totally ripped off.

I had just moved to sunny California to pursue my love for drawing and painting, and to get my butt from my studio apartment in Santa Ana to the art school I needed to get myself a car.

Not any kind of car... a cool car. And cool to me at the time meant a VW van, preferable a classic model, because you know... road trips, surfing, hauling big paintings, nostalgia, you get the picture.

But of course I was on a student budget, had no clue about cars, and really no clue how to buy a car without getting swindled.

My tactic at getting a good deal was to tell the guy, whose dirt-brown 1980s van I was "inspecting" at the Big Lots parking lot, that I was a poor art student from Germany who doesn't know anything about cars and to please be honest with me. .........., I know!

(I think I can still hear him slapping his knees while retelling the story to his buddies)

The dream of van facilitated freedom lasted exactly one semester before the engine gave out and I felt like a complete idiot.

I'm sure you've experienced feeling duped, too. It totally sucks and is a sure fire way to feeling ALL the shame.

But you know what's even worse? Letting yourself get duped into not doing the things you know you love (i.e. drawing, painting, learning new things), especial if it's your brain doing the duping.

What if I told you that we all have a swarm of inner lawyers, swindlers, and  stick-up men prowling the recesses of our mind, ready to pounce at and thwart our unsuspecting creative aspirations.

It's outrageous how little most of us are aware of them so I'm addressing these inner scumbags in this week's video. Watch it and be prepared next time they try their slimy tactics on your artistic dreams.


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