When Your Drawing Routine Feels Oppressive And Stale

Ok, quick, name what these movies have in common: Groundhog Day, Cast Away, Russian Doll. I'll give you a hint: It smells an awful lot like Covid-Life... Need I say more?! I doubt it. I'm sure that we're all experiencing our own variations of mind numbing sameness imposed by the pandemic. Whether it's eating variations of the same five meals over and over again because you have Instacart on auto-delivery and you're missing the spice of life provided by grocery store impulse buys, or the eerie trapped feeling you get when you know exactly who you'll run into on which street corner on your morning walks:

  • jogging couple in blue activewear shirts 5.50AM, Palm & Maplewood,

  • elderly man walking small white dog 6.05AM, Cambridge & Palm,

  • tall, mask-donning jogger 6.10AM Maple & Harwood

"WTF, I need to get out of here!" is an entirely reasonable response when the walls, or pasta dishes are closing in on you.

This is not to say that there's something wrong with the routine you've made for yourself (unless there is), just that even the most carefully constructed routines can get stale and oppressive. Related to drawing this may mean, that we can LOVE our figure drawing studies, but suddenly feel sick and tired of it. Does that mean there's something inherently wrong with the practice you've set up for yourself? Does it mean it's time to stop drawing people and reach for a new shinier pursuit? "Ooooo look, watercolor looks fun!" Not quite. Chances are that you just need to shake things up a bit. Leave your routine and do something wild and unrelated for the day or week. Instead of going on that early morning walk, hop in the car and drive yourself to the beach/park/mountains. Instead of drawing the figure, draw some animals. And not so coincidentally that's what I plan on doing in the next two days. Wanna join me? (For the bear drawing that is. For the beach I'll be opting for complete solitude. Sorry, not sorry ;)  Tonight I'll indulge in drawing some furry creatures, bears to be precise, all under the guise of keeping my shape/proportion skills sharp. I'll share how you can capture great shapes even if you have zero idea about bear anatomy, and how to make your shapes feel characteristic and powerful. Intrigued? Then get your sketchbook ready, I'll bring the bears. I'll see you at 7.30pm PST on YouTube.


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