5 Reasons Why You Want to Hop On The Figure Drawing Train

Back in middle school when everybody started obsessing over whether "those jeans Tina Buchner was wearing were Levi's 501's or Diesel Whatevers", would you've been part of the cool crowd, proudly donning your own pair of brand approved threads, or were you one of the outcasts whose parents didn't see the point in buying jeans that cost more than their monthly cable subscription?

How about when cell phones transformed from simple flip-phones to bells and whistles blackberries? Did you get one right away?

And what about this jackfruit craze I've been hearing about. Are you in on it? 

Personally, I have a tendency to look at new trends with a major squinty eye. "Is this really going to make my life better? What could I possibly want with a phone that has unlimited text messaging?!?"  Gee, I wonder...

Luckily when it came to adopting figure drawing as a cornerstone of my creative practice I saw the sense in it right away. To be fair, it's hardly a fad, more like a century old, creative legacy, and turning my nose up at it would've been more like me deciding that reading a book is no way to learn something new.

But sometimes we just don't know how good something is, because nobody has sat us down to give us the low down on it.

If that's you in regard to figure drawing, PLEEEZ catch this week's video, in which I share 5 reasons why figure drawing is such a pivotal activity you shouldn't miss out on.

Been on board the figure drawing train from the get go? Rad! Watch the video to remind yourself why you have excellent instincts, use it as license to celebrate being an early adopter and join us for an upcoming session.

And just in case you've been meaning to catch a session but are a bit intimidated, or unsure what to expect, grab this free guide to help you get the most out of your first workshop.


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