Capturing Your Ideas In Your Drawings Part 2

When paint tubes turn into looming threats and then get transformed into heroic saviors, all within minutes, and all by merely changing a few angles and values, then you know you're having entirely too much fun with your drawings.

But you'll also know, that that's when you're entering the realm of true creative freedom.

In this week's video I'm breaking down how you can have fun when drawing the most mundane of objects, too, all while sharpening your composition chops.

In this video you’ll learn how to go about creating effective thumbnail sketches so you can capture your ideas in your drawings. You’ll finally know which question you need to ask when composing your drawings, and how adjusting format, placement, scale and value will yield different narrative effects.

Catch the previous video where I explain the difference between sketching and composing and why it's so important you understand the difference:


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