The 5 Elements That Transform Drawing Into A Universal Skill

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

In gym class when it was time to pick teams for dodge ball, I was always among the last to be picked (unless my bestie was doing the picking, which I know, doesn't quite count in the eyes of the merciless collective).

I hated that feeling, but would encounter being "late to the party" in many other aspects of my life, too: My first kiss was at 14 (I felt ancient), I graduated late form high school (because I failed 11th grade), knowing what I wanted to be when I'm all grown up (wait, who am I kidding, I'm still working on that one), becoming a all came late for me.

At this point I finally caught onto it and am embracing my inner slow-poke. "Fine, so I'm a late bloomer. I can work with that. It means that I haven't spent all my sparkle yet, right?"

But back when it came to learning to draw, my slow-poke status was especially painful because drawing was the thing I REALLY cared about.

It felt like entire life cycles would pass and I still wasn't able to draw the way I wanted to.

Now, after 10+ years of teaching, I wish I'd have had a weekly reminder of what to focus on when I was stuck. You know, something like a mantra to keep me on the right path so I'd stop wasting my time beating up on myself for being slow. 

If that sounds like something you could use, too, I'm sharing the 5 elements that transform drawing into a universal skill, which can be learned by anyone. I'll break these 5 elements down into their components so you can pinpoint, practice and build on them as well.

You'll learn: 1. how to use your eyes intentionally 2. to pick a supportive belief 3. about training your hand to trust your hand 4. the 3 phases of the drawing process 5. to assess your work and stay calm

Watch the video below and grab the free cheatsheet here.

Hopefully this'll be a positive redirection for when you feel like you're not improving fast enough.


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