Figure Drawing To Add Fun Into Pandemic Life

Do your ears ever prick up at metallic rattling sounds that could potentially be Amazon/UPS/FedEx/ or USPS delivery trucks?

You know that pandemic life has changed you in unthinkable ways, if you're anxiously awaiting THAT sliding door sound, or when the sight of a freshly arrived package, which you know is only your soap replacement, is the highlight of your day.

Both are a definite sign that it's about time you add a lil' something' different to your life.

And what better thing to add than time spent in your sketchbook?

Today at 7.30pm you can do just that by joining the Weekly Sketch Session on Youtube. This week it's Figure Drawing time and I'll focus on how to use shadows.

We'll have some fantastic model footage to work from and you can watch my drawing process simultaneously. Come draw, come watch, come do a bit of both, and let's give the delivery trucks a run for their money.

Can't wait to see you,


In case Youtube takes an issue with our model footage here are the reference images we'll be working from.