Sketchbook Relief For Stressful Times

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Remember that feeling of being completely in tune with yourself?

Yeah, I'm a bit hazy on it myself these days.

But even if everything else is disorienting right now, I still know this one thing:

When I draw something I can usually start to hear my own voice coming back to me. It's in the subtle impulses of "Make a line here. A little darker there." that I can hear it. It's almost like a wild animal peeking around the edge of a tree, sniffing the air, noticing that it's safe to come out. And trust me, I want it to come out right now, because THAT voice is my creativity and my most valued pal... pretty much the only one I want to have on speed dial right now.

And juuuuust in case you're wondering, by "my own voice" I didn't mean my own admonishments of how "this isn't good enough". That's the voice of the hyper-judgey critic and he's not the one I'll be consulting. Sure he's always along for the creativity ride, but he's not the one improving the scenery.

Instead I want to stay connected to my voice because it'll remind me of the agency I do have in this turmoil.

Want the same? To help you to enlist YOUR creative voice for these highly unusual times I put together a free resource. It'll help you to create an effective drawing prompt list that'll keep you calm during these stressful times.

Download it, use it, and share your drawings with our community with the hashtag #curatime.

Feel like you could really use an extra dose of community right now? Then join our brand-new, exclusive Facebook group to stay connected with a tribe of likeminded artists, who'll cheer you on as you keep filling up those sketchbook pages.

Let's keep those pencils moving!

Click the picture below to get the guide.


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