Get Killer Proportions Part 3

"I'm sooo sorry, Carolin, but I won't be able to make it." Imagine this sheepishly confessed in a fabulous Cockney accent and you're hearing what I heard a lot from my friend Lou in art school. Lou was A LOT of fun. Outgoing, outrageous, outspoken. All the outs that make life a hoot. Lou was also a flake. And I mean a BIG flake.  We'd plan fun hangout and she'd cancel the morning of. We'd all be heading to the museum and she'd never show for the carpool, reemerging a week later with some exotic story about meeting Kobe Bryant. We'd work our buns off on our final paintings, and she'd always have reasons for why she just possibly couldn't've put more time into hers. She made up for all of it with tons of charm and nobody could ever keep a grudge against her. But we all learned to not rely on her to show up for stuff. As fun as it was to dash off with her to some wild concert or to have a hilarious lunch hangout, it also became tiresome to never know when she'd fly by again for the next round. Got any friends like that? Like how it feels when they ghost you? Me neither. So let's at least make sure you don't feel like this with your drawings. Deal?! You see, there are many things that make drawing sooo much fun. Drawing details, experimenting with your favorite materials, going down the color harmony rabbit hole- all things that'll delight for sure. But are they to be trusted to set a strong foundation for your drawing? Are they the things that'll help you nail you drawings time and again? Nope! When you want to execute YOUR vision, then don't whisk away with the fun but oh-so-flakey parts of the drawing. Instead opt for the loyal friend who maybe isn't quite as flamboyant, but shows up for you ALL THE TIME. Have you guessed it? I'm talking about proportions again. In this week's video I break down how to measure increments and how, when measured right, and at the right time, they'll make you feel like you're in control of your drawing and not the other way around. Watch the video, get in control of your proportions, and thence wild again ;) Happy drawing, Carolin


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