How to get into the creative groove stat

At this time of the year you can usually find me at the nearest public pool. The bigger the better. I mainly come for the laps, but I'll also take a casual splash sesh. I won't discriminate. Anything that'll make me float, cool off and enjoy the California sun, I'm in. Literally. And that's where's the rub. The getting INTO the pool? How to do it? Dip in a single toe first, and then, at the hair-raising speed of one inch/minute, acclimate SunBum slathered, sunshine toasted skin to cold water, cursing and wriggling all the way? Or, pick the cannonballing, jackknifing or any other variant of the "just get the hell in-dive" option, risking admonishments from the pimple faced life guards? Or, of course there's also the "hold your breath, grit your teeth and force yourself, steadily down that slippery, chrome pool ladder, beleaguered by bathing cap toting seniors or the rowdy 9-year old pool hoodlums. Personally, I favor option #2. Just get the hell in. Everything else is just pure torture. Yeah, there's a 2 second shock to the system, but then you're free to float. When it comes to drawing, I think we also often torture ourselves with half measures. By not going all in we experience the equivalent of dreading the waterline reaching our vulnerable midriff. By putting off sitting down to draw until tomorrow we just give ourselves one more day to dread picking up that pencil and all the potential turmoil that can come with it. You know,... all those "This sucks", "See, I'm no good at this", "I first need to take another class before I can draw again" kind of thoughts that make it so hard to just draw in peace. But the longer we put off getting into the water, the less time we actually have in the pool. And we all agree that we want to be in the pool, right?!? It's no different with drawing. So what can you do to make the getting in easier? 

  • Make your drawing area is drop dead gorgeous, and your most relaxing spot in the house. Make it the place you WANT to be sitting at when you're not.

  • Have your subject already picked out and your supplies ready to go the day before, so you don't end up futzing around for an hour, figuring out what to draw or rummaging for pencils.

  • Have a drawing date. Either have your calendar app ping you, or schedule a zoom sketch sesh with an artist friend so you're actually on the hook to show up.

Sometimes it slips our mind that being in the water, making marks on paper is the reward. Not how fast you swim or how beautiful the drawing turns out to be. You don't need perfect form to enjoy the water! So remember your drawing time as the true mental, emotional, and creative refresh that it is and dive on in!

PS: Need a place to "go to" to get you drawing? Join my weekly Live Sketch Sessions. Thursdays, 7.30 PST cycling through : Figure, Portrait, Animal, and Nature themes, shifting the focus through various formal aspects like: value, details, shape, form, gesture, etc.

Find me at YouTube: Carolin Hosac (Peters)