How Figure Drawing Helps Your Art Work

When it come to cutlery I'm quite the snob. Give me a fork with tines too short or broad, and I'll lecture on how longer, more slender forks deliver a superior dining experience.

Hand me a spoon of inadequate ovalness, depth and size and I'll be aghast at the though of slurping my alphabet soup from it.

Sporks (*gasp*)... unfathomable how they're even considered silverware. 

I know my attitude is completely ridiculous and yet I'm sticking to my opinions, however unjustified and misguided they may be.

But when it comes to more important issues, like growing your artistic skillset, it's probably better not to rely on unjustified opinions.

Which is exactly why I want to put this very important question to you:

"Are you 100% clear on why Figure Drawing is the gold standard for leveling up your art? Do you know why art programs insist that even their graphic design and abstract art students enroll in at least one semester of it?"

If not you don't want to miss this week's video:

Let me know your feelings about figure drawing... and sporks!



PS: I'm getting ready for June'sFigure Drawing Masterclass. It's going to be amazing and I hope you'll join us :)


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