How to get back to YOUR creative motivation

The other day I had a total glitch in the matrix.

I was whirlwinding through the house tidying up, while emptying the dishwasher, while putting the groceries away. And all of a sudden, there I stood in the hallway, sauce pan lid in one hand and a bunch of part-green bananas in the other, completely unable to remember what had brought me there. Was it the dirty socks in the corner I had meant to pick up, or did the bananas have anything to do with it? Who knows?! It was a complete mystery.

In the past that's how I'd often feel about my creativity, too. Projects piled up, goals of mastering new techniques accumulated and then there was the nagging feeling of "Didn't I mean to do something important with all of this?" Before I knew it I'd feel overwhelmed and like I had lost my true creative north. Can you relate?

If so then here is a simple (and fun) exercise, from last week's Turning Art Pro event, which'll put you back on course to your best creative self.

In this exercise you'll regain clarity about what makes you, YOU, and how to let that steer your next creative moves. I'll walk you through a process to define your

values,characteristics, anddelightsand show you how they can help you remember why you ever wanted to create art to begin with.

Get the deets in the video link below or click here for the worksheet.

Can't wait to hear how it goes! Carolin