How to practice drawing from imagination Part 3

"Is this still good?"

Picture Ben (the handsome man in my household, aka husband) holding out a thing of cream, sour cream, hummus (take your pick) with a questioning look.

"I dunno! Taste it!' I dare to respond.

I might as well've told him to go clean a row of well-used Porta Potties. 

But he's a brave one, so he reluctantly gets a spoon, deposits a droplet of the questionable matter atop (size befitting a fairy) and closes in... 

If you saw his face when he does that, you'd think he's getting ready to swallow all of his morals, and do an act so despicable, he'll eternally burn in hell for it.

It cracks me up!

And boy, do I know this face well. I've made it plenty of times myself, and I get to see it every semester from my students, too. In both cases'the face"is in response to the announcement that we'll be studying perspective next.

Never have noses been scrunched up higher.

Can you relate? Or do you jump with glee at the thought of doing technical drawings?

Regardless which camp you fall into, nose-scrunchers or glee-jumpers,in this week's video

I'm breaking down how much perspective you really need to know to draw things from imagination. In particular, you'll learn why you need to use boxes to draw convincing creatures.

I'll give you non-techy, guidelines for boxes in perspective, and show you how to apply them when strengthening your drawing from imagination muscles.

Go check out the videoand let me know what you think!


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