3 Must-Have Field Kits For Pen & Ink Lovers

Imagine getting eaten by a bear, or drowning in a pool of molasses! Not so pleasant a thought, is it?

Well, that's how I felt for the longest time about drawing in ink. The idea of having to commit to a permanent mark right off the bat had me sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth, covering my ears going lalala. 

Eventually I decided that, just like the bear and molasses scenario, this is completely irrational and that it's time to stop the rocking. In Joseph Campbellian terms "I decided to go slay the inky dragon!" and committed to making an ink sketch every day, while exploring all types of ink supplies. Ballpoint pens, micron and copic markers, steel nibs... I tried them all (almost).

One liberating decision I made, was to remind myself that no one ever said I had to go straight to ink. So I allowed myself a graphite underdrawing.

With my pencil training-wheels in place, I soon discovered that ink is an amazing material for sketching purposes, which is why I want to share this week's video with you: How to assemble 3 pen & ink sketchbook kits that'll fit into any purse or backpack.

Ready to hop on the inky bandwagon? You can also grab a shopping check list, here.


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