Plein-Air Landscape Painting Class

Get outside and learn to create on-location landscape paintings.

Sundays, 6/30-7/21, 9am-12.30pm

At our studio in Orange and surrounding outdoor locations.

Being outdoors and creating paintings from observation is a beautiful discipline that comes with its own set of unique challenges. “How do I set up my gear? How do I deal with the changing lighting conditions? How do I use my time wisely?”

In this 4-week course we’ll start answering these questions through a hands-on approach and by going outdoors to paint.


Classically trained artist Carolin Peters will guide you so you can

  • Learn to use a practical color palette

  • Understand the logistics of being on location

  • Gain hands-on experience of capturing shifting lighting conditions

  • Improve your compositional choices

  • Stay focused by setting clear goals for each painting

  • Strengthen your understanding of oil painting


The class will include lectures, master examples, teacher-demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, and plenty of time to paint on location.

Materials: Click here for a list of recommended materials.

Price: $220 (Save $45 by signing up before 6/1. Discount decreases after that and goes away 06/15/19.


I’ve never painted before can I attend?
Yes! But to get the most out of this class I highly recommend taking the preceding Oil Painting Class class so you are prepared with the most basic grasp of the medium.

I’m not very talented, does that matter?
Not at all. Drawing and painting are universal skills and can be learned by anyone willing to try something outside their comfort zone. Effort and commitment are required, talent is optional.

What style of painting do you teach?

I teach all my classes in a way that doesn’t focus on style, as style is something that develops naturally and individually through practicing for years. Instead, I teach fundamental principles that will form solid building blocks for any further education or self-study.

I've had some instruction on this topic before, is this class suitable for someone with prior knowledge?
The great thing about fundamental principles is that they will never conflict with well-founded information only compliment and strengthen it. Great artists know the importance of staying open to new insights and solutions while carefully evaluating if they are suitable for what they hope to achieve. In that spirit I believe this class will only help to grow your skill set.

I’m away on one of the dates can I have a refund for that day?
Unfortunately no. The purchase of the class is for all four sessions and can’t be split up. You will, however, receive an email with notes from the day you will be absent.

What kind of easel set-up do you recommend?
Having the right set-up is crucial for a good painting experience. Click here for a list of recommended materials, set-ups and stores.

Add the Oil Painting Class
Save and Get both classes for $350