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New Workshop!

Perspective Know-How For Everyday Sketching
A virtual, live workshop, helping you go from "Yikes, perspective!" to "Oh yeah! I got this!". Build the know-how to confidently draw any scene in front of you, and dare I even suggest, learn to invent scenes from imagination.

Saturday 10AM PT, April 25, 2020


Enroll for just $59 and ditch your perspective fears.

In this enlightening workshop you'll get:


The answer for when you do or don't need to worry about perspective


A detailed breakdown of how perspective applies to what we see​.

I'll answer pesky questions like: "When do I need 1-point or 2-point perspective", or "How can I create the point of view I imagine?"


A useful framework, making it easy to understand and apply all of the technical insights


A step-by-step process to go through, every time you need to figure out the perspective of something


Several sketching demos walking you through my process


An opportunity to get live feedback on your in-class project​s

Enroll for just $59 and ditch your perspective fears.

Stop avoiding those scenes that have buildings, or cars in them, and build the confidence of being able to figure out any simple perspective set-up. 



1. Why should I take this workshop now, when I feel that the pandemic has thrown me off my drawing game, and it's hard for me to focus? Can I take it later in the year?

I hear you. Staying focused and creative can be a real challenge right now! Which is exactly why I created this workshop. Why? Because, my #1 goal is to give you the tools to draw anything in your current surrounding. Being stuck at home that'll probably include the buildings and cars which you see through the window, your rooms and their furniture, and those are all things you need to understand perspective for, if you want to draw them. I know all too well that it's easy to hide from drawing these type of things when you don't know how, so instead you might be telling yourself "there's nothing for me to draw here!"


That's where I come in. I want to make sure you keep drawing during this time, and this class will allow you to record YOUR personal quarantine experience.

When all of this blows over (which it will) you can proudly look back to this time and know that you chose to be proactive and use your creativity to stay present and grow your skill set. You'll know that you're the type of person who choses to create when everyone merely passively drifts along.

I don't plan on offering this workshop anytime soon again, as I'll be working on new offers. (Don't have all the funds but want to join? Email me about a 2-installment payment plan)

2. What level is this course for?

This is a beginning to intermediate workshop, addressing the fundamental principles of perspective. It's designed to help you understand and apply the core principles necessary for everyday sketching, such as drawing on location (urban sketching) or creating imaginary scenes. Even if you are an advanced artist you'll gain invaluable insights about how to apply perspective. I don't recommend this course if this is your first time sketching ever.

2. Will we get into technically advanced techniques?

No. Within the 2 hr presentation I'll break down basic techniques to apply to simple scenes you'd encounter during an urban sketching situation. I'll also give you tips on how to simplify more complex problems.

3. How does the online class format work?

The class content will be delivered live in a private Zoom meeting. I'll deliver my lecture in a virtual slide show and then livestream my drawing demonstrations. After I'm finished it'll be your turn to draw and we'll reconvene to discuss your experience. Don't worry, it's really simple and you'll get detailed instructions on how to access the class.

3. I can't make the 10 am PST time slot, can I still get the class?

Yes. Even though I highly recommend you attend the live class, so you can take advantage of the live Q&A and feedback session, you will receive access to the class recording after the session is over.

Price: $59 

Date: 4/25/20, 10am PST

Required materials: Sketchbook, pencils (H, HB), colored pencils, eraser, pencil sharpener. 

Got more questions? Email me at

Enroll for just $59 and ditch your perspective fears.

Ultimate Troubleshooting Cheat Sheet Bonus


It'll serve as your steady companion helping you run through and answer a host of important questions, as you're drawing any future perspective-laden sketches.