Pen & Ink Tree Portraits
How to use classic pen and ink techniques so you can confidently take your sketchbook out into the field.

Tuesdays, 7-10pm; November 5th-26th, 2019

Location: Cura Studios in Orange

Instructor: Carolin Peters


Sharpen your sketching skills and study multiple pen and ink techniques, all while admiring some majestic trees.

In this 4 week class you’ll learn how to:

  • Capture a tree’s exact shape instead of just a “version” of the tree

  • Create drawings that feel 3 dimensional

  • Render believable foliage

  • Represent different tones and textures

  • Stay organized and out of overwhelm when dealing with complex subject matter

  • Use pen and ink for various techniques


The class includes 

  • slideshow lectures

  • teacher-demonstration

  • one-on-one instruction

  • plenty of time to draw

Week 1: Personality & Character (Silhouette)

Capture characteristic shapes through accurate proportion  

Week 2: Form (Trunks and branches)

Learn how to create the illusion of 3-dimensionality in your sketches

Week 3: Value & Texture (Foliage)

Create nuance and impact through controlling your medium in all the right places.

Week 4: Composition & Techniques

Design your portrait to emphasize the particular tree's personality. Explore various techniques.


Class size is limited to 8 students max. Sign up now to guarantee your spot.

Materials: Click here for a list of recommended materials.

Price: $220 (Save $30 by signing up before October 1st. Discount starts decreasing thereafter and goes away by  10/7).

Attendees must be 16 years+.


Do I need to know how to draw already to take this class?

No, these classes are designed to help you get started for the very first time, or to add an additional technique to an existing skill set.

Drawing is a universal skill and if you are curious and willing to try out new things you, too, can learn to draw.

What is the focus of the class?

We will focus on drawing from observation. If you are hoping to learn about abstraction or emotive/expressive drawing, we will only address this tangentially, as a by-product of learning to draw what we see.

I can't attend all 4 session, can I have a refund for the day I'm missing?

Be sure to take a look at our refund and cancellation policy. For days that you can't attend you'll receive an email with the class hand-outs and notes.

I don't know where or when to buy the supplies.

You can download the shopping guide here and email me with any additional questions at

Click the Purchase Class button below to reserve your seat. Once your purchase is confirmed you are ready to draw with us.

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