Pastel Portrait  Workshop
Add color to your portraits

Saturday, November 9 & 16th, 2019; 9am-2pm

At our studio in Orange

Learn how to render the complexities of the portrait in vibrant color. In this 2-day workshop you’ll learn an effective method for capturing your model's likeness using color pastels.


Veteran art instructor Ron Brown will guide you through this workshop, in which you’ll:

  • Learn Ron's step by step method for building color harmonies in pastel

  • Get valuable tips on capturing the right proportions

  • Beat overwhelm by learning how to break your process into manageable stages

  • Understand how to use your materials right

  • Experience the joy of a focused and stimulating work environment


The class will include slideshow lectures, teacher-demonstration, one-on-one instruction, and plenty of time to draw our model.


Class size is limited to 10 students max. RSVP now to save your spot.

Materials: Click here for a list of recommended materials.

Price: $189 (Save $34 by purchasing your spot before October 1st).

Attendees must be 16 years+.



I’ve never used pastels before can I attend?

Yes. Ron will explain in detail how to use this medium. 


I’m not very talented, does that matter?

Not at all. Drawing is a universal skill and can be learned by anyone willing to try something outside their comfort zone. Effort and commitment are required, talent is optional.


What style will Ron teach?

All our classes are taught in a way that doesn’t focus on style, as style is something that develops naturally and individually through practicing for years. Instead, we teach fundamental principles that will form solid building blocks for any further education or self-study.


I've had some instruction on this topic before, is this class suitable for someone with prior knowledge?

The great thing about fundamental principles is that they will never conflict with well-founded information only compliment and strengthen it. Great artists know the importance of staying open to new insights and solutions while carefully evaluating if they are suitable for what they hope to achieve. In that spirit I believe this class will only help to grow your skill set.


I don’t know where/don’t have time to buy the materials.

Having the right materials is crucial for a good experience. Click here for a list of recommended materials and stores, or click below and purchase the upgraded class which includes all materials.


Please take a look at our cancellation policy before you sign up!