Cura Studios is the place for you if you want to:

Get work done
  • You are a creative freelancer (graphic designer, illustrator, any entrepreneur with a creative background) and your pet, children and TV have a wager going as to who can distract you more.

  • You love being your own boss and the freedom of running your own gig, but aren't quite ready to become a hermit because of it.

  • You fondly remember the days of working side by side with your peers in (art) school and wished you could tap into a focused and supportive environment like that again.

  • You wish you had a dedicated place in your home to work on your drawings and paintings

  •  You've tried online classes and they got you started, but there comes a time when you need some hands-on, one-on-one feedback. 

  • You want to learn to draw or paint and believe that at the foundation of much good art lies the mastery of working from live observation.

  • You'd love to be able to draw/paint and have your work actually look like what you see

  • You believe realism is just a stepping stone to unlimited modes of expression

  • You know growth isn't free and demands focused attention and diligent work

Be social
  • You are a card-carrying member of the Artist Introvert Club, but that doesn't mean you don't like getting together with people who "get" you.

  • You consider sketching a perfectly acceptable social activity.

  • You've been stuck with your team from work for too long and need to hang out with some artists from the "outside" world.

  • After a day's hard work you'd appreciate the ability to have fun chatting, sketching, or catching an Open Figure Session, or class.

  • You thrive when others are around to bounce ideas off of.

  • Networking while drawing almost sounds too good to be true.

The Cura Studios Vision

To bring together creative leaders and co-create a community which lives by the motto that creativity and community are essential for our wellbeing.

Leadership is not about your title or about how much money you make. It depends on your ability to inspire others . . . and we love supporting people who are fiercely staking out their claim as creatives and believe in the value of their work.

At Cura Studios we believe artists are drivers of change and nurturers of human resilience. We understand what makes it hard to keep coming back to your creative work and designed this hub so you can do what needs to be done.