Focus: Work on your Website

Thursday, 8/15/19


Cura Studios, Orange

Does your website feel neglected?

Has it been ages since you last updated your image gallery?

Is your domain just sitting there... unused. And is the thought of having to sit down to begin building your website sending you into anxiety attacks that can only be cured with massive amounts of ice cream?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this forum might be just the thing you've been looking for.

In this session we'll accompany each other as we work on our particular, website related issues, which can span a wide gamut, including:

  • Setting up your very first domain 

  • Choosing a website builder and familiarizing yourself with it

  • Working on the website's lay-out and flow

  • Maintenance work of your current site like: Uploading and formatting images

  • Writing or re-writing any website text, changing it from blah and confusing to intriguing and relateable copy

  • Connecting an email marketing service to your website so you can stay in touch with your audience, which by the way, is your best bet in creating a loyal fan base.

Will you get to do all of it in only one night? Of course not. But we can pinpoint your fist move and help you make meaningful progress with it.

How does it work?

This is a lab-style session, meaning that it ISN'T a traditional, lecture-style class, where you take notes and do the work at home. Instead it's a "let's get to work" session, where you'll get to discuss your issues with me one-on-one, and have the chance to get feedback from the group, too. Any presentations I may give will be tailored to the group's particular needs.

Who's it for?

Artists who are ready to have and improve their online presence.

Artists who work better in the company of focused peers.

Artists who are self-directed but need a bit of hand-holding or feedback here and there.

Who's the host?

Carolin Peters (Hosac), business owner (Cura Studios), artist and art instructor. Aside from being in love with image making I'm super excited about sleez-free marketing. Having a great website is an integral part of any successful artist's marketing toolkit and I'd love to help you with yours.


Fee: $5 for non-members

Pay the drop-in fee to save your spot and send an email to to let me know what you want to focus on.


Space is limited to 8 artists who are ready to get to work.


What kind of website builders can we use?

Any that you are comfortable with. If you are starting your first website I'll recommend you work in WIX, as I can be of most help with it.

Can I bring a friend?

Sure, but they do need to reserve their spot by paying the drop-in fee and emailing me their focus for the night.

What if I don't have anything ready yet?

That's fine. This session is meant to help you get started. It's often the overwhelm of not knowing where to begin that keeps you from making your first move.

I have a website but want to change it around. Is this the right place for it?

Yes, yes, yes! We'll help you get clarity on what you want to change and how to best go about implementing those changes.

I'm working with WordPress 7.4 the old version, will you know all the answers?

Alright, I'm poking fun here. I'm no tech expert and definitely will not be able to answer super specific tech question without further research. BUT, the point of the forum is to get to work. And if we spend the time together researching how to solve your tech issue then that is time well spent in my book, because diving into the big wide realm that are online forums is better when you have a travel companion keeping you from getting lost and overwhelmed.

Did I miss anything? Email me at and I'll gladly answer any other questions.