Custom-tailored direction without having to commit to a multi-session class.


Our Tune-Up Sessions are for artist who want to continue building on previous successes and challenges, with the added benefit of a well-rounded mentor by their side.


Whether you’ve got a question about different charcoal techniques, want to test out pastels, or need to practice your oil painting skills, just bring your materials and questions and get the help and model time you need.

Get the benefit of a custom tailored lesson, and working from a live model for the fraction of the cost of a private lesson. You'll get feedback specific to YOUR successes and challenges.


Possible topics to concentrate on include, but are not limited to:

Short pose Session


  • Making your gestures look more action packed/expressive

  • Ensuring that your figures don’t look like they are leaning/falling over

  • Capturing strong proportions

  • Improving speed and mark-making confidence

  • How to make your drawings look 3D without using shading

  • Anatomy practice

  • Quick Painting practice

  • Composition


Long Pose Session

  • Portrait drawing

  • Portrait painting

  • Figure painting

  • Pastel portraiture

  • Rendering

  • Various value drawing techniques


Instructors: The Tune-Up Sessions are taught by veteran art instructor Ron Brown who’s been teaching artists in the illustration and visual development field for over 20 years. Or by Carolin Peters, owner of Cura Studios. 

Next Session: Sept 28, 9am-1pm

Location: Cura Studios, Orange

Instructor: Carolin Peters

Model: Aurora

Pose duration:  long poses: 2 x 5min, 1x 10min, 1x40 min, 1x80 min

Fee: $45

Next Session: Nov 23, 9am-1pm

Location: Cura Studios, Orange

Instructor: Carolin Peters

Model: Yoni

Pose duration:  med. poses; anatomy focus

Fee: $45

"Carolin is a terrific, dedicated and knowledgeable instructor.  She creates a real enthusiastic class atmosphere and spends time with each of her students (all at different skill levels), allowing them to grow at their own pace.  I learned an incredible amount during her course, and plan to attend more. Thanks, Carolin!"

-Henry Stiepel


My last offical Figure Drawing/Painting class was ages ago. Can I still come or should I sign up for a full class first?

Yes, come. This format will allow you to slowly re-immerse yourself into working from a live model, and as you come up against knowledge gaps you can ask Ron and Carolin for direction and insight. You may find eventually that you want  to sign up for a specific workshop around a weakness, but you can start as you are, right away.

Can I bring my oil paints?

Absolutely. We keep the group size small enough so there is plenty of room for you to set up all your materials. If you bring oil paints please be aware that we ONLY allow Gamsol thinner in capped containers.

I've had some Figure Drawing classes but have never worked in color. Should I take a color theory class, first.

Not necessarily. This is a great way of getting your feet wet and gather some experience with color. Clarity comes from engaging with a new medium, not just from information. Therefore I encourage you to dive in with us as your guides. You can always take a color theory class later to inform what you've learned through your explorations.

I don't really have a focus, can I just work from the model and see what happens?

Yes, of course. As long as you stay open to expert feedback you can work at your own speed and see what questions emerge for yourself.

I've never had a formal figure drawing class but have been studying online. Will this be a good place to get some mentoring?

You betcha. We know that there is terrific information available on the web, but we also know that sometimes you just need someone standing next to you, pointing out your hiccups, as well as help you build on your successes!

What materials should I bring?

Whatever strikes your fancy. Ron has a gift for being able to do instructional demos in a vast variety of media. Charcoal, pastel, oil paints, markers, painting digitally, it's all fair game. My (Carolin's) fields of expertise are in figure drawing, anatomy, portraiture and oil painting.


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