Figure Drawing Masterclass





Date: June 3rd- August 19th, 2020

Online & in our new studio in Orange

( This class is taught online.)

Time: 7-10pm PST

If you're an artist, art student or drawing aficionado looking to step up your drawing game, then you probably already know that the most effective way to do so is to study figure drawing.

You probably ALSO know that figure drawing is one of the most rewarding and inspiring practices, known to strengthen your abilities to capture vivid gestures, strong shapes, clear forms and convincing light & values.


And after all, mastering these core principles is required if you ever want to experience drawing effortlessly whatever's on your mind or in front of you.


But getting your skills away from mere outline-copying all the way to a lifelike drawing is no cake-walk.

  • "How do I get my drawings to look like the person and pose in front of me? "

  • "What should I be focusing on?"  

  • "How do I capture all that I see in just 20 minutes?"

These questions used to baffle me, too, when I set out to study art, and I still remember how frustrating it can be to get better.

It's no mystery why so many people get defeated and abandon their hopes of reaching full mastery, without the right guidance

To be completely upfront with you, there's no quick-fix, shortcut or secret to learning figure drawing in this empowering way. But luckily there are processes and key principles you can focus on mastering that'll start strengthening your skillset, bring you more insight about how drawing truly works and grow your confidence. 

In this comprehensive 12 week masterclass I'll present these core principles to you, break this complex subject into fun and approachable segments, and coach you to grow to the next level.

Better yet, I'll guide you through all the mental hiccups, we so easily get caught up in when we try to stretch and grow.


You'll learn how to

  • See the human body with artist’s eyes, so you won't work in beginner default mode which has you stuck chasing outlines.

  • Capture the character of any given pose, so your drawings have the power to stop people in their tracks.

  • Break down the complexities of the body into simple lines, shapes and volumes, so you don't have to experience the neck-hive inducing overwhelm of, "Wtf do I draw next?".

  • Know what to put into your drawing and what to leave out, because more isn't always better.

  • Use your materials right, because drawing is more effective when you don't have to fight your tools as you're trying to learn something new.

  • Improve your drawing skills while enjoying the process. Because, you know, fun is better than no fun.

The class will include

  • multiple lectures

  • slide-shows

  • teacher-demonstrations

  • one-on-one instruction

  • plenty of time to draw from the nude model

  • hand-outs

  • after class practice tips


Class size is limited to 10 (online 4 left). Save your spot.

Materials: Click here for a list of recommended materials.

Price: See price breakdown below

Attendees must be 18 years+, or have a signed release form from their legal guardian.

Instructor: Carolin Peters is a classically trained, award-winning artist who's been teaching at institutions like Laguna College of Art and Design, Cal State Long Beach for over 10 years. She opened Cura Studios to give artists outside the college system access to quality art instruction.​​​

Get the skills that'll equip you to draw the figure confidently

from observation and imagination

(without letting the intimidation- and confusion-factor get you down)

" I was always afraid to draw the human figure and would feel overwhelmed by the complexity of it. But Carolin's teaching methods allowed me to explore the figure through simple shapes and gestures, and  let build upon those things rather than getting lost in contour. She patiently explained and re-explained material if necessary and was always happy to help if needed. I  am very happy to have taken Carolin's class, and hope to take one again soon!"

Vida Diaz

In the virtual class you'll get:

  • Weekly, in-depth slide show lectures

  • Multiple, live-streamed teacher demonstrations

  • Time to draw from the model, live with the teacher and group

  • Time for Q&A

  • Supporting class note pdf's

  • In-depth, personal feedback on your work 

  • Recordings of ALL Lectures

    •  Feedback Videos

    • and Lecture slides

"Carolin’s teaching was incredibly effective. She never needed to explain a concept more than once!

I'm really glad I chose this class. I was always nervous about  life drawing, but I really enjoy it and improved so much during the class."

Amro Emghaoech

Course Outline

June 3-24
July 1st- July 22nd
July 29-Aug 19

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You can get the whole class or individual blocks ranging from 4-12 weeks. Week-blocks must be consecutive and based on the designed course segments: Gesture & Form, Anatomy, Anatomy & Value.
Get 4 weeks ($220) 
Get 8 weeks ($400)
Get entire 12 week course ($590)
Entire class
8 weeks

Strapped for cash but ready to draw? Email and ask for my payment plan options.


Identify as an artist of BIPOC background and need financial support. Apply for my Inclusivity scholarship.

"I’ve always enjoyed life drawing classes, but  never felt like I was improving. Working with Carolin Peters improved my abilities. She taught me new ways of looking at what I'm drawing, and to ask myself the right questions about the subject. For example, I now really grasp how the muscles affect the forms of the figure because of how Carolin explained it! She is an extremely patient and hardworking instructor who is always open to questions and willing to explain things in more detail. I would recommend this class to anyone, beginner or advanced, who is looking to improve their life drawing skills."

Jacinda Lacy Earwood

Art History Major, CSULB


This being an online class, how will that work?

We'll meet within a private and secure Zoom online studio to conduct class. I'll deliver lectures via screen share, and live stream multiple drawing demos per session. When it's your turn to draw, you'll do so from model footage specifically recorded for this class. I'll stream the model footage in our online studio and draw with you, coaching you through the poses. At the end of each session you'll upload your work to a Dropbox folder and get personalized feedback from me in the following days. This feedback will be given by me recording a feedback video and/or via notations/corrections on your uploads. 


Best of all, you'll get access to all the class slides, feedback videos AND recorded lectures, so you can watch the content over and over again.

Will that be as effective as an iperson class?

I agree that there is something special about being in the same room as the model and instructor when studying something. However, that doesn't mean it's the only way to learn. In fact, real growth happens when we commit 100% to showing up and doing the work, and that is not dependent on being in the same room with each other. I'm proud to say that I've studied for the past year with industry leaders on how to present an effective online course. I'm confident I'll give you a transformative experience that'll expand your skillset and confidence, whether we meet in person or online.



I’ve never drawn before can I attend?

Yes. Even though it’s desirable for you to have a fundamental grasp of drawing, this class will meet you wherever you're at.


I’m not very talented, does that matter?

Not at all. Drawing is a universal skill and can be learned by anyone willing to try something outside their comfort zone. Effort and commitment are required, talent is optional.


What style of drawing do you teach?

I teach all my drawing classes in a way that doesn’t focus on style, as style is something that develops naturally and individually over many years of practice. Instead, I teach fundamental drawing principles that will form solid building blocks for any further education or self-study. This class is a construction based figure drawing class with the goal to equip you to draw from imagination, not just observation.


I’m a bit embarrassed thinking about drawing a nude person, what’s the decorum?

No need to be embarrassed. We work with professional figure models who work at many art schools and are pros at posing. During lectures and breaks models wear robes and disrobe only for when they pose. While we draw we don’t talk to the models so we can all concentrate.

As artists, we look at the figure in a whole new light, away from socially constructed ideas about what is beautiful, sexy, ugly, acceptable, etc. Instead we learn to see the shapes created by the body, light patterns, its structure and volume. Once you dive into this way of seeing you won’t even realize what you are looking at, because you are so busy mastering the new skill set. You’ll also realize how liberating it is to see the body in this non-judgmental way.

To make our models feel safe we never have our phones out while they work and never take pictures of them!

I've had some instruction on this topic before, is this class suitable for someone with prior knowledge?

The great thing about fundamental principles is that they'll never conflict with well-founded information, but rather compliment and strengthen it. Great artists know the importance of staying open to new insights and solutions, while carefully evaluating if they are suitable for what the artists hope to achieve. In that spirit I believe this class will only help to grow your skill set.

I’m away on one of the dates can I have a refund for that day?

Please review our cancellation and refund policy carefully before purchasing your class.

I can't commit to all 12 weeks. Can I sign up for a single month?

Yes, you can. You can get blocks ranging from 4-12 weeks. Week-blocks must be consecutive and based on the designed course segments: Gesture & Form, Anatomy, Value. You'll save quite a bit of cash by bundling multiple months.


I don’t know where to buy the materials.

Click here for a list of recommended materials and stores.

"It is almost impossible to find instructed figure drawing classes outside of the college campuses. I tried doing uninstructed sessions and, as a beginner, they just did not work for me. Nor did learning from books and videos. Carolin's class is critical for me because I can get feedback on my challenges. I also get to watch how Carolin creates and get insight on the artistic process. The classes are small which allows for plenty of interaction and exchange with my fellow students. I never found this kind of welcome dynamic in uninstructed sessions."

Steve McHale

"I was hesitant to enroll because I’d never had any formal training before. But luckily Carolin’s class helped me gain more confidence and enjoyment when drawing the human figure. Carolin is extremely thorough, always willing to help, and ready to reexplain material if necessary. After taking her classes, I feel I have a strong foundation for wherever I go in my art journey. "

Rachel Kim