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4-8 Week Classes

Drawing Hands & Feet

December 3&10, 2019

Stop avoiding hands and feet in your figure drawings and learn how to tackle them without breaking a sweat.

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Visual Storytelling

Jan. 21-Feb. 11,'20

Learn to craft powerful image compositions based on classical and modern image-making techniques.

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Figure Drawing

June 3 - August 19, 2020

Get the kind of figure drawing skills that'll allow you to draw both from observation and imagination.

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1/14, 2020


Intro To Watercolor Materials & Techniques 

Expand your arsenal of sketching methods with this quick and powerful course introducing classical watercolor techniques.

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Marshall Vandru_edited.png

7/28, 2019


How To Draw Anything From Imagination

Learn what goes into drawing anything from imagination in just 4 hrs with one of today's best living instructors.

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Tune-Up Sessions (1).png

11/23 2019


Get custom-tailored feedback and direction without having to sign-up for an entire class?


Our Tune-Up Sessions are for artist who have had a certain level of education and want to continue practicing on their own, with the added benefit of a well-rounded mentor by their side.

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turning art pro-2.png

1/6-1/11, 2020

Transform from aspiring artist to art-pro in 6 days .

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8/3 & 4, 2019


Inventing Creatures from Imagination


Step up your drawing from imagination game in this intense training bootcamp by practicing with master instructor Marshall Vandruff by your side.

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