How To Draw Anything From Imagination

w/ Marshall Vandruff

Do you ever wonder how artists like Kim Jung Gi, Jim Lee, or James Jean create worlds and creatures out of thin air?

The answer is: They are all masters of draftsmanship.

The good news! Draftsmanship is a craft that can be taught. And you, too, can learn how to draw anything from imagination.

Join us for a jam-packed, 4-hour seminar that breaks down all you’ve ever wanted to know about inventing characters from imagination.

You’ll get:

  • A detailed breakdown of all the essential, technical know-how

  • Behind the scenes insights into masters using these principles

  • Access to a master instructor who has taught dozens of highly successful entertainment industry pros

  • All the answers in one afternoon.


Stop wasting time trying to piece this information together yourself and level up your skills in one fell swoop.


And because we all know that information is just one piece of the puzzle, do yourself a favor an consider joining the implementation boot-camp to drive these principles directly into your creative DNA, while saving some $$.


Seminar Fee: $59

Boot-camp/Seminar bundle: $189 (Save $45)

Date: Sunday, 7/28

Time: 1-5pm

Location: Cura Studios

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“... absolutely incredible. I can't thank you enough for being such an amazing instructor and inspiration to be a better draftsman.”

—Kaleb Wyman


“Marshall’s teaching is a bright and delineating light.”

Bernie Wrightson