Inventing Creatures From Imagination

w/ Marshall Vandruff

Do you dream of effortlessly drawing anything from imagination? Is it a struggle for you to make your inventions appear life-like, three-dimensional and dynamic?

You probably know how challenging it is to draw from imagination. Maybe you’ve tried mastering this skill before but ended up losing steam halfway through. Maybe you got confused about how to go about it?

“I wish I had a coach! I wish I had some focused studying partners! I wish someone would coach me and keep me on track!” Ever had those thoughts?


If so, you aren’t the only one. Trust us, we’ve all been there. This is exactly is why we’ve put together the DM Masters Bootcamp.


You know that you have to put in the hard work to get the rewarding pay-off of skill, right. There is no way around it. But we can help you sit down and do the work.


This bootcamp is guaranteed to finally propel your drawing skills to that next level of ease.



  • 1 Master instructor, Marshall Vandruff, who has taught multitudes of highly successful entertainment industry pros

  • 20 Highly committed artists

  • 2 afternoons of non-stop drawing. We’ll take a few moments to wipe off that sweat, but keep the momentum strong.

  • A studio space, designed as an artists practice ground. We’ll take care of your physical needs so you can tend to your art.


You’ll get to

  • Turn insights from the Draftsmanship seminar into action right away

  • Embed pro habits into your creative DNA

  • Practice with the best coach and cheerleader by your side

  • Connect with artists equally as committed as you.


This bootcamp format isn’t offered anywhere else, so don’t let this slip past you.


Date: August 3-4, 1-7pm

Location: Cura Studios

Bootcamp Fee: $175

Bundle w/ seminar: $189 (Save $45)

Sold Out

“Marshall has a unique way of simplifying the drawing process that makes perfect sense. Even those who have been drawing all of their lives will learn a great deal from his teachings.”

Lance Laspina

director of “Painting with Fire,”

documentary on Frank Frazetta


Marshall Vandruff ranks among the highest level of drawing instructors."

– Don Lagerberg, Professor Emeritus of

Drawing & Painting at CSUF