Space Use Options


Use the art studio


Come to work on your drawing and paintings.

The studio is equipped with easels, drawing benches, stools and taborets.

Some of our memberships give you the option to store your supplies in a locker and to use the painting rack to store your work.

  See Monthly Rates Below


Use the shared desk space


Come on in.

Grab a spot. And get to work.


Get access to the amenities of an office minus the overhead by working at Cura.

Perfect for graphic designers, illustrators, game artists, or for when you need to do your bookkeeping, etc.


   See Monthly Rates Below

Get your own desk


Enjoy the perks of a communal space with the consistency of your own work area.

Dedicated "desks" are limited and come with under desk storage.

See Monthly Rates Below

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Monthly Membership Types



  • 1 day of Co-Working Access.

  • Up to 4 Open sessions

  • 9am-11pm access


Ideal for artists who are self-directed and enjoy connecting with peers on their own terms.


Early Member Rate



  • 4 days of Co-working access

  • 1 day drop-in into any class (workshops excluded)

  • Up to 4 Open sessions

  • locker rental access

  • 9am-11pm access


Ideal for artists who want to challenge themselves to keep growing.


Early Member Rate


Unlimited Open 

  • unlimited Co-working access

  • Up to 4 Open sessions

  • locker rental access

  • 24/7 access

Ideal for art students and new freelancers who need to get projects done.


Early Member Rate


Unlimited Dedicated Desk


  • unlimited Co-working access at dedicated desk

  • Up to 4 Open sessions

  • access to art studio use

  • below desk storage

  • reserved locker

  • 24/7 access

Ideal for artists who've been freelancing for a while and like having their own desk.



One time drop-in

  • Get a taste for the studio and join us for the day

  • 9am-11pm access





Ideal for artists who want to get a taste for co-working.


3 Day-Pass

Drop-in 3x

  • 9am-11pm access









Ideal for artists who need to drop in a few times per month.

As we develop our program membership rates will gradually increase. Lock in a Founding or Early member rate and keep it for the duration you maintain your Cura Studios membership.

Co-Working Code of Conduct

As a member this place and community is your strongest resource. To ensure everyone can thrive here we ask you to:

  • Be kind. Make an active effort to look up, and say hi to your studio cohort. Always be ready to help, encourage each other, and stay open to collaborations, while respecting each other's privacy and need for alone time.

  • Respect the work zone. Don't chat up people who are trying to be productive. Take headphones, and heads buried in work as a sign that this person is trying to get sh*t done.

  • Keep your tunes to yourself. Headphones only.

  • The art studio is a solvent conscious space. We only allow the use of Gamsol in capped containers. All other solvents are strictly prohibited from being used.

  • Clear out of the art studio by 7pm on days when we have classes.

  • Never take pictures of our figure drawing models, or hang out to oogle them. Only stay in the room if you plan to draw them.

  • Never take picture of other co-worker's artwork.

  • Leave the studio as clean or cleaner than you found it. Return all furniture to their original spots, wash your coffee cups, clean up trash, pencil shavings, and accidental paint globs.