Studying here
A place for solid art instruction

Cura Studios offers a carefully chosen amount of classes and workshops. 

 Whether you've never had any formal training and want to start out right, or you need to refresh your creative memory, we recommend you begin with our 4-16 week classes.

Our teaching philosophy

We believe good art is based on solid, classical training. Whether you are a digital artist heading into the entertainment industry, an abstract painter, or a novice who isn't quite sure yet which field of art you'll commit yourself to, your endeavors will bear more fruit if you start with a strong foundation.

We are here to tell you that there are no secrets, shortcuts or quick tricks! And btw, talent has little to do with your creative potential.


All pros worth their salt have gotten to where they are now through dedicated practice and studying the fundamental underpinnings of art. And that's what we offer here.

The fundamentals are deceptively simple but take multiple iterations until mastered. We strongly recommend enrolling several times in the same course to fully integrate all their insights.

To zero in on one particular area of study we also offer workshops. Depending on subject and instructor you'll spend 1-3 days of in-depth practice.


We only invite instructors with a particular gift to communicate clearly and generously, to foster your growth.

Check out our schedule for current offers of art school quality classes and workshops.

Small class sizes. Only 5-20 People per Class