Get clear on how you can create a sustainable art career that won’t suck your soul or leave you penniless.

Now that you’re set to become a professional artist do you sometimes worry about how you’ll actually take your skills and turn them into a rewarding and lucrative career?


Do you worry that you’ll eventually have to “sell out” to make a living as an artist? Or have you heard worrisome stories about your peers burning out from being stuck in stressful, underappreciated and emotionally exhausting jobs?


I don’t blame you. In art school we usually don’t learn the practical skills needed to take our talents and make a satisfying career of them. We get out into the real world and are left to piece everything together on our own. "Should I be a freelancer or look for a 9-5 gig? How can I possibly sell the kind of art I create without having a gallery lined up?" It's a confusing, anxiety provoking and frankly disheartening place to be in. 


If you want to start, or re-start your professional life as an artist with clarity instead of confusion then this transformative 2-day workshop could be just what you need.



It’ll help you

  • Clarify and claim your purpose, so your career won’t end up in burn out. Knowing WHY you create is the secret key to building a career that will stay exciting and inspiring. You’ll work through a transformative exercise leading to clarity about your deepest motivation and how this translates into a profession tailored to your needs.
  • Design a strategy to pursue the right kind of art project or product line for your goals and aesthetic. 
  • Create a network of social media (website, blog, etc.) to market and promote your personal vision.
  • Utilize marketing strategies to build a fan base.
  • Make use of simple, sound business principles.
  • Learn tools necessary to help you become a successful entrepreneur, and make a living from your art.
  • Understand what a brand is and what components are necessary to make it successful and why successful artists around the world have embraced it to profit off their talents.

This workshop is taught by Greg Spalenka, a professional artist working in the publishing, film, gallery, and popular art culture worlds. Using the Art as Brand principles has allowed him to sustain his art business for over three decades.


Greg created the Artist As Brand series to show artists the heart opening jubilation of career path clarity and the steps they can take to become confident, independent artists. By learning the simple principles of connecting directly with your fans, patrons and collectors, you too will be able to grow a family of supporters generating your foundation of financial support.


He's taught this life-changing course at places like Brigham Young University, Kendall College of Art and Design, West Liberty University, San Francisco Academy of Art College, Laguna College of Art and Design, Universidad San Francisco De Quito, Southern Utah University and multiple independent venues.

Who is it for?

College level art students and professional artists (includes any discipline that can create a product: painters, photographers, sculptures, graphic designers, fashion designers, jewelry designers, writers, musicians, etc.

What do they say?


The workshop energized me and propelled me forward. I have more focus and positive energy now than I had in the last 7 years!

I can’t express to you how excited I was to find out that this workshop wasn’t a course on how to make a living being a graphic designer/artist for someone else. The whole class was about empowerment of the individual and their artistic purpose. There was a focus on the integrity of an artist’s vision, which has been lacking in almost all of the jobs I’ve taken on the last few years. It’s incredible how damaging years of that can be…it didn’t even occur to me that I HAD a core purpose, until this class.”

-Kate Parsons, Graphic Designer/Artist, CA


Your workshop was like airplane fuel for the brain!”

-Wilo Ayllon, Illustrator/Concept Designer

The Artist As Brand workshop has revolutionized the way I look at everything about my work and its relationship to my overall level of fulfillment. I am certain that the Artist As Brand experience will mark a pivotal point in my career. Thank you Greg, for your hard work, innovation, and inspiration in the creation of something so significant.”

-Ben Soward, Professor at Southern Utah University, Illustrator

Working with Greg has helped me to solidify who I am as an artist. Whether you are a young artist starting out on your journey, or someone like me who has put in her 10,000 hours, this course is for you.

Greg helps you connect to your true self and then gives you practical ways to create a successful ”art’ career that is personal to you”

-Antje Campbell, Fine Artist

I needed help getting my own personal art and business off the ground and running. That is where the Artist As Brand Workshop came to my rescue. It allowed me to plan for my success while still having time to create! It even made me a better artist in general, because it gave me the confidence to KNOW that I can succeed with my art. Knowing I could succeed with my own art made me want to BECOME a better artist!”

-Alex Ruiz, Illustrator, Concept Designer

After working in animation for over a decade I was looking for a new challenge and a fresh direction for my artistic talents. Greg and the Artist As Brand workshop helped me focus my creative intentions and set a clear purpose from which to reach my goals. Greg is an amazing talent and a wonderful teacher who has the gift for helping people achieve their dreams.”

-Andy Clark, Background Painter, Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Artist, CA

Course Dates: Tuesday, July 23 & 30, 2019

Time: 4-10pm

Location: Cura Studios, Orange, CA

Fee: $195 includes complete e-workbook

 Email to sign up with a friend and each save $15