Arm Anatomy
Get a grip on arms.

Saturday, April 13th; 9am-1pm

At our brand new studio in Orange

"A strong grasp of anatomy is like having a vast vocabulary. It allows you to "speak" clearly and eloquently." -Karl Gnass


Take your figure drawing skills to the next level by diving deep into the anatomical structure of the arm. During this 4-hour intensive we’ll focus on studying, recognizing and implementing this complex information.

Through this workshop we’ll answer questions like: “How is the forearm able to twist? Which muscles get affected by that? How can I stay out of confusion in challenging arm positions?”


Classically trained artist Carolin Peters will guide you through this workshop, in which you’ll:

  • Learn about the skeletal structure of the arm

  • Study the important muscle groups

  • Learn how to organize your shapes

  • Bring out the 3 dimensional qualities of the muscles

  • Understand the inner mechanics and how they affect the outer surface

  • Find out which details in include, and which ones to leave out

  • Beat overwhelm by learning how to break your process into manageable stages

  • Experience the joy of a focused and stimulating work environment


The class will include slideshow lectures, teacher-demonstration, one-on-one instruction, and plenty of time to draw from a live model.


Class size is limited to 10 students max. RSVP now to save your spot.

Materials: Click here for a list of recommended materials.

Price: $75 (Save 20% by rsvp-ing before March 13th. Discount decreases thereafter and goes away completely March 28th).

Attendees must be 16 years+.



I’ve never had an anatomy class before can I attend?

Yes. However I do recommend you have a fundamental grasp of figure drawing.


It's been a while since I last drew the figure how should I prepare?

I recommend you refresh your grasp of simple form construction, i.e. how to break the arm into simple cylindrical forms.


What's your teaching style?

I present rich information and help you retain it by focusing on instilling a set of useful questions in you. Ideally, after class is over, you'll remember the questions, allowing you to continue studying and growing on your own.

I try to foster a culture of curiosity, focus and light-heartedness, where we embrace practice over performance.


I've had some instruction on this topic before, is this class suitable for someone with prior knowledge?

Absolutely. This will be a great refresher and clarifyer of your previous studies. We won't go into every individual muscle but instead take a look at  major muscle groups. This consolidated approach is more practical for artistic needs.


What materials should I bring?

Whatever medium allows you the most clarity. I do, however, recommend using drawing pads bigger than 11x14".


The purchase of this class is final. In case of illness we can arrange for you to attend the next anatomy workshop, or a class of equal value, space permitting.

"I’ve always enjoyed life drawing classes, but  never felt like I was improving. Working with Carolin Peters (Hosac) improved my abilities. She taught me new ways to look at what I'm drawing and ask myself questions about the subject. For example, I now really grasp how the muscles affect the forms of the figure because of how Carolin explained it! She is an extremely patient and hardworking instructor who is always open to questions and willing to explain things in more detail. I would recommend this class to anyone, beginner or advanced, who is looking to improve their life drawing skills."

Jacinda Lacy Earwood

Art History Major, CSULB