About Cura Studios

Located in the city of Orange, Cura Studios is a learning center and community hub for artists who love to draw.
Whether art is your profession, vocation, or guilty pleasure we're here to help you stay productive, inspired and connected to your tribe.

At Cura Studios we believe our creativity is the quintessential ingredient for a fulfilled life. We therefore strive to help you realize your creative aspirations, by offering classes that keep your skills sharp and connect you to a community of inspiring peers.
We believe these key ingredient help artists to grow and do their best work, regardless if you're a beginner or a pro.

Cura: lat. to look on with care; means of healing


We believe in...

Find your flock of a rather particular feather.

Being an artist can be lonely. Having a place to connect with YOUR people at is crucial.

At Cura Studios you'll thrive off of the engaged energy of our community.


We believe that practicing drawing and painting is good for our well-being and matters more than any end product.

Perfectionism won't be our excuse for not getting things done.


We know that "Art is a Practice" and keep coming back day after day.

As creatives we are never “finished”.

Growth only stops when we decide that we have arrived.


At Cura Studios we actively foster a mindset of growth over perfection.


As a freelancer, I often work solo from my home office and there are times when I really need to get out and spend time with fellow creatives. I always feel so refreshed after spending time in this quiet, calm work environment.

-Patricia Delaunay


Learning Environment

I've been looking for a place to take some drawing classes, and I am so happy I found Cura Studios. Carolin is a fantastic teacher who will be by your side every step of the way and provide the encouragement and tips to take your skills to the next level. Whether you've been an artist your whole life, or are just now discovering the joys of creating art, Cura is a great place to learn, grow, and make new friends.

-Dan Finkelstein

Learning Environment

Carolin’s classes are filled with much more than the average art class material. She teaches with intuitive direction, making it easy to comprehend the fundamentals and other important techniques. 

I’ve experienced three separate art schools and wholeheartedly enjoy how she approaches creating art. Thank you for giving my skills the boost of self-confidence they needed.

-Kelly A. Phillips



ADDRESS: 160 S. Cypress St, Orange, CA 92866

TEL: 9498132795  |  draw@curaoc.com